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Paliastomi - Pichori, Tour by Motorboat

1 Day
18 Km
Route: The route starts at the entrance of Paliastomi Lake and continues at Pichori river
Highlights: Paliastomi,Pichori,Tour by Motorboat
winter spring summer autumn
Trip level: Easy


For detailed information about the cost of the service, call us at (+995) 591 96 87 85 or (+995) 552 22 32 22

This route offers tourists a beautiful view of the Pichori River mouth. At the resting areas, tourists have the opportunity to see Kolkheti’s wetland relict forests that are spread along the river bank, water and wetland birds. While motor-boating through the forest, visitors often describe their experiences as if they were trenching through some sort of jungle. Sport fishing is permitted by the park administration.

Please contact us for detailed information about our service - +995 591 96 87 85 or  552 22 32 22

18 Km


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