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Kazbegi National Park

Alpine meadows, moraines, snowy peaks are awaiting you in Kazbegi. Take your backpack and enjoy splendid week-end in fresh air. Kazbegi National Park located 1400 meters above sea level is a popular destination among visitors. Do not hesitate to discover adventurous hiking places. We are offering you the locations that are popular among travelers:

 Truso Gorge – The road leading to Truso Gorge is breathtaking with its travertines and mineral lake. Historical-cultural monuments, towers and mineral springs are also plentiful.

 Dariali Gorge – The gorge is famous for its waterfalls and lakes; Gveleti Waterfall descends into a heart-shaped lake, giving it the name “lake of love”.

 Khdi Gorge – there are many beautiful waterfalls and attractive peaks for alpinists, such as: Shavana, Shani, etc.

Enjoy your holidays in beautiful nature and share pleasant emotions with your beloved people.

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1) National Park


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Abano Mineral Lake Natural Monument

it is a small lake created by the carbon dioxide filled upward stream flowing to the surface from carbonate rocks of Upper Jurassic period. The lake "boils" loudly from carbon dioxide bubbles. The debit of the stream is 2.5 liters per 24 hours. The total surface area of the lake is 0.04 ha. The extraction of gas in not so windy weather causes carbon dioxide to accumulate in lower layers. Small animals suffocate when they get near the lake, which is why you may come across dead animals, such as: mice, lizards, frogs and some birds.

Location: Kazbegi Municipality, Truso Gorge, left bank of River Terek, to the east from Village Abano, at an altitude of 2,127 m above sea level.

Coordinates: N42 35.290 E44 25.323

How to get there: the nearest populated areas are villages Keterisi and Abano (where locals stay only seasonally), and village Kobi is situated little farther, which is 136 km away from Tbilisi. Travel to Kobi from Tbilisi will take 2 hrs and 10 min.

Village Kobi – Abano Lake Natural Monument – 18.6 km dirt road. Length of the trip – 1 hour and Stepantsminda Borough – Abano Lake Natural Monument – 35 km, from which 17 km is a paved road and 18 km – dirt road. Length of the trip – 2 hours; 
Village Keterisi – Natural Monument – 2.8 km, you must use the detour pedestrian/horse road on Terek River. Length of the trip – 30 min.

Contact Information: 
Tel: +995 591 96 33 35

Sakhiznari Cliff Natural Monument

The complex monument is a geological complex that was formed on Mountain kajarbina. The mountain has volcanic origin, where bot Caucasian evergreen azalea is spread.

Location: kazbegi Municipality, river Tergi valley, 3136 meters above sea level.

Coordinates: N42 34.279 E44 33.299  

How to get there: Village Sioni is the nearest location. There is 144 km from Sioni to Tbilisi. Duration: 2 hours and 20 minutes. Village Stepantsminda - Village Sioni – 8.5 km, duration: 10 minutes.

Village Sioni – Sakhiznari Natural Monument – 4 km, duration – 1hour.

Contact Information:
Tel: 591 96 33 35

Keterisi Mineral Water Natural Monument

Keterisi Mineral Water Natural Monument is located in Caucasus Rindge. There is a spring on place and a river as well, which flows through village Keterisi. There are mineral waters as well on place.

Location: Kazbegi Municiaplity, Truso Valley, right bank of river Tergi, nearby Keterisi Territory, 2168 meters above sea level.

Coordinates: N42 35.672 E44 23.739

How to get there: The nearest settlement is village Keterisi. Village Kobi is far a little bit, there is 136 km distance. Duration: 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Village Kobi – Village Ketersi – 15.8 km, duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes. Village Ketersi – Ketersi Mineral Water Natural Monument, distance – 0.5 km, duration: 10 minutes (pedestrian trail).

Borough Stepantsminda - Ketersi Mineral Water Natural Monument – 33 km, duration – 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Contact Information:
Tel: 591 96 33 35

Gergeti Trinity

Gergeti Trinity – it is located 6 km far from Stepantsimda borough, dated with 16 th century. In order to visit the location you should travel by high vehicle car.

Gveleti Waterfall

Gveleti Waterfall is located in Dariali Valley, 7 km far from borough Stepantsimda. In order to reach the destination you should pass 700 meters length pedestrian trail.

Cross Pass

Cross Pass is located in Northern part of watershed chain. According to National Geographic Society, this part is regarded as a border between Europe and Asia. The pass is located 5 km far from Gudauri and 30 km far from Stepantsminda.

German captive cemetery

German captive cemetery is located in Cross Pass on the left side Stepantsminda. It is noteworthy that after the end of World War II thousands of German prisoners had been engaged in forced labour and many of them were killed. This cemetery was existed in the past, but it was reconstructed by the financial support of German Government in 2002.

Truso Valley

Truso Valley is located on Northern Slopes of Caucasus Range, in Tergi River Valley. It is 25 Km from Truso Valley to Village Kobi, and 20 km from Stepantsminda to Kobi. There are presented historical-cultural monuments, travertine created by mineral water and covered areas of river. Around the Rindge, there are presented glaciers. Truso Valley is rich with mineral waters and springs. There are presented bot birch as well.

Dariali Valley

Dariali Valley is located in kazbegi Municipality, on the section of river Tergi. The territory is from River Chkheri inflow, passes through borough Stepantsminda and ends in Upper Larsi (11 Km). The military road passes through Dariali Valley. There are presented two small lakes as well on place.

Dariali Fortress

In order to reach Dariali Fortress, you should go through Dariali Valley, which is located 10 km far from borough Stepantsminda. It is impossible to reach the last destination without custom control.

Khda Valley

Khda Valley is located in Northern part of Georgia, on Larsi boarder. This place is mostly visited by alpinists. There are presented Monastery complex and pedestrian trail. It is 11 km from borough Stepantsminda to Monastery. Pedestrian trail’s length is 17 km.

Artkhmo Valley

Artkhmo Valley starts from village Akhaltsikhe and passes through River Artkhmostskali. There are presented old villages, as well as waterfalls and highways. It is 10 km from Sno Valley to Akhaltsikhe and 8 km to Artkhmo Valley.

Village Juta

Village Juta is the highest settlement point, 2 200 meters above sea level. It is located in Kazbegi Municipality. There are presented Chaukhi Mountains on the main rindge of Caucasus, 3 688 meters above sea level. It is 24 km from borough Stepantsminda and 8 km to village Sno. There is 16 km well-arranged road from Sno to Juta.


Truso Travertines Natural Monument

How to get there: the nearest populated areas are villages of Keterisi and Abano of Kazbegi Municipality. Village Kobi is 12 km away from the natural monument, which takes 30 minutes to drive. The distance from Tbilisi to village Kobi is 138 km or 2 hours and 30 minutes;
Stepantsminda Borough - Truso Travertines Natural Monument - 32 km, 20 km of which is paved, 12 km - dirt road. It takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to cover trip. 
Village Keterisi - Truso Travertines - 2 km, 10 minutes.

Coordinates:  N42 34.993 E44 25.646

Contact Information: Kazbegi National Park Administration
Tel: +995 591 96 33 35


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