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 Please contact Kintrishi National Park Administration before visiting any trail

 From village Tskhemvani to Khino Visiting is possible only by off road vehicle.

 You can enjoy the tour “Tamar arch bridge and Box-tree Stand” whole year around. Tourist route: “Yew and Lake Tbikeli”: April-November

 Please wear coarse trousers and high-top shoes (such as boots)

 Take food and water to the field

 Be aware that you may encounter shepherds’ dogs between October and April


Visitors are allowed to:

 Move on marked paths by horse, by car or on foot

 Undertake research and educational activities

 Use picnic and camping areas firelight fires in specially designated places

 Watch local flora and fauna

 Take photos and record video


Visitors are not allowed to:

 Carrying firearms or any item that could damage the environment

 Entering the area with pets

 Damaging infrastructure and any kind of vandalism

 Collecting natural materials and cultural artefacts without special permission

 Introduction of species alien to Georgia

 Fast movement in case of limited vision (Fog, high bushes and shrubs)

 Lighting fires (except in specially designated places)



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