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Lagodekhi National Park

Do you like hiking and travelling?  Try then Lagodekhi Protected Areas with diverse climate zones, which is the best place to plan week-end. It characterized by a humid subtropical climate. The territory offers you tourist attractions, including visiting waterfalls and ancient fortresses. Are you an ambitious person who loves sport? Try 1 and 3 days duration trips.

Lagodekhi Protected Areas are famous for its biodiversity. There are beautiful cliffs as well on place. It is unique territory, without any analogue.

Tourist infrastructure is well-arranged. Trails are marked. Here you have an opportunity to discover Ninoskhevi Waterfall, Rocho Waterfall, Machi Fortress, Black Rock Lake and educational trails.  Have not you taken your backpack yet? Hurry up, take it, unforgettable adventures are in forward. 

IUCN Categories: 
1) Managed Reserve
2) Strict Nature Reserve 

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If you eager to spend pleasent time with friends and family members, Lagodekhi National Park awaits you. You are able to arrange hiking tours at Lagodekhi Protected Areas.

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If you are horse riding lover get ready for unforgettable adventures. Horse riding tours are awaiting you in Lagodekhi National Park.

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Around Park Objects

St. Tevdore Church of Village Leliani

St. Tevdore Church of Village Leliani is located 26 km far from Lagodekhi. It is XI-XII centuries’ church. 

After the reconstruction process of the church in XVI – XVII centuries, the roof style of the church was changed that caused the demolishing of the building. The Northern part of the dome is smaller than the middle part. The entrance part of the church is from the West side. In order to reach the church, you should visit from village Leliani. 

St. Nino Bodbe Church

Bodbe Monastery of St. Nino is located 47 km far from Lagodekhi. Here is entombed St. Nino. The Monastry is built in IV century. The church was built by first Christian King Mirian. After that period, the church was looked after by Georgian kings. King Vakhtang Gorgasali enlarged the church in V century. In IX century, the church’s dome was constructed into three parts.  In XII century, King David the Builder’s son Dimitri reconstructed the apostles. In XVII century, the destroyed monastery was reconstructed by Shah Abbas. In order to reach Bodbe Monastery of St. Nino, you should go by Sighnaghi. 

City Sighnaghi

City of wine and love, as it is being called in recent years, is very much appealing to those who are tired of rush and hustle, and like everything lovely, cute and small. Walking through Sighnaghi, you might feel like in Italy - the architecture is pretty similar to small Italian towns. Romantic cobbled streets, carved balconies, 24/7 marriage registration...

Sighnagi is located 46 km away from Lagodekhi.

Gremi Archangel Monastery

Gremi Archangel Monastery is located in Kvareli, in the East part of Gremi. The Monastry is built in 1565 by the king Levan. The painting of church was accomplished in 1577. In order to visit Gremi Archangel Monastery, we recommend you to go by the road of Telavi and Lagodekhi. 


Historical city Nekresi is located in Kakheti, 51 km far from Lagodekhi. The complex unites several monuments, from where IV and II centuries’ basilica is one of the ancient. The church of VIII-IX centuries is unique with its diversity. There are traces of prayer houses. In order to visit Nekresi, it is better to go by the road of Kvareli. 

Museum of Aleksandre Chavchavadze

Museum of Aleksandre Chavchavadze is located in the palace of famous poet Aleksandre Chavchavadze. It is constructed in 1886 year, by the architect A. Ozerov. There is  epistolary archive. In order to visit the museum, we recommend you to go by the road od Gurjaani and then Telavi. 

Alaverdi Monastery

The earliest structures of the Alaverdi Monastery date back to the 6th century, although the present day cathedral is a part the 11th century Georgian Orthodox monastery. Alaverdi is located 18 kilometers from Telavi and is one of the tallest religious buildings in Georgia. The surrounding courtyard is home to vineyards from which local monks make their own wine. Location: village of Alaverdi.

Ikalto Academy

Ikalto Academy (XII century) is located in Telavi Municipality, 1.5 km far from Ikalto, 87 km from Lagodekhi. 


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