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 You are able to buy Martvili Canyon entrance and boat tour tickets at Martvili Canyon Visitors' Center

 Working days: every day except Mondays

 Due to visitors' safety boat tour is not allowed in rainy and snowy weather

 You can enjoy tours whole year round

 While visiting boating route, visitor height must be more than 1 meter

 Visitors participate in rowing the boat

 It is possible to place 6 people in the boat

 You are recommended to be casually dressed, wear sport shoes.

Visitors are allowed to:

 Move on marked paths on foot

 Undertake research and educational activities

 Watch local flora and fauna

 Take photos and record video

Visitors are not allowed to:

 Use trail after the working hours

 Climb, sit and lean upon the banister

 Run and Jump on the trail, bridges and viewpoints

 Load bridges and viewpoints with more than 10 people at a time

 Allow children under 14 unattended to use the trail

 Use the trail being influenced by alcohol

 Get out of the boat during the tour

 Enter the navigable route without safety vest


 Damage nature and infrastructure

 Gather natural and cultural materials

 Make noise

 Gather or dig up plants


 Bring pets

 Carry a gun

 Move by bicycles and motorbikes



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