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Motena Cave Natural Monument

Sightseeing: The sightseeing is located on Northern-Western part of the slope. It is a two-store cave generated on the left side of River Abasha. Part of the cave is collapsed. There is mortared stone wall.  There are two halls in the cave. There are 10 steps in the last hall of the cave, there are many stalactites, stalagmites and cave curtain on place. The inhabitants of the cave are spiders and insects. The historical building was a fortress in middle ages. 

Location: Martvili Municipality, First Balda nearby territory, 437 meters above sea level. 

Coordinates: N42 28.595 E42 23.470

How to get there: the closest settlement place to the natural monument is Martvili that is far by 280km from Tbilisi, duration: 4 hours by car. 

Overnight: Overnight is possible in  city Martvili, where hotels are arranged. 

For more detail information please contact us: 595 80 54 55


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