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Ochkhomuri Waterfall

Attraction: The natural monument is a 100-120 m high waterfall, formed at an altitude of 469 m above sea level on the Migaria limestone massif, at the source of the Ochkhomuri River. At first, the waterfall flows from the slope of the southern exposure, then in the middle it turns into south-eastern exposure, whereas the last part flows from the southern exposure. Each step of the waterfall creates small lakes after reaching the ground. At first the waterfall looks like a solid column from afar. The excessive humidity around the waterfall gives way to peculiar flora and fauna. You can find an abundance of rare, endemic or relict species here. There is a significant presence of stands of large box-trees. 

Location: Martvili Municipality, village of Kurzu, 550 meters above sea level

Access Road: The nearest populated area near the Ochkhomuri Waterfall Natural Monument is the village of Kurzu in Martvili municipality. 
Tbilisi - Martvili - paved road - 279 km, 4 hours by car. 

Coordinates: N42 36.671 E42 18.035 

How to get there: the closest settlement place to the natural monument is Martvili that is far by 280km from Tbilisi, duration: 4 hours by car. 

Martvili – Village Kurzu – 25.3 km, duration – 30 minutes;

Village Kurzu – Ochkhomuri Waterfall Natural Monument – 3.2 km, duration – 30 minutes; (pedestrian trail).

Overnight: Overnight is possible in  city Martvili, where hotels are arranged. 

For more detail information please contact us: 595 80 54 55


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