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Jortsku Cave Natural Monument

Sightseeing: The natural monument is a two-stored cave that has 4-5 meters entrance. The maximum length of the cave is 276 meters. There are stalactites, stalagmites and 3.5 -4 meters thickness clay in the hall. The temperature in the entrance part of the cave is 18 degree, 11, 6°C in the middle part and 11, 5°C in the last part of the cave. The cave is very interesting with its flora and fauna. There are found bear’s, lynx’s and other animals’ stones. 

Location: Martvili Municipality, 280 km away from Tbilisi, Martvili – village Second Balda – 8.9 km, village second Balda – Jorstku Cave Natural Monument – 5.5. Km – 1 hour and half (hiking marked trail). 


Coordinates: N42 30.620 E42 25.155

How to get there: the closest settlement place to the natural monument is Martvili, 280 km away from Tbilisi.

City Martvili – Village Second Balda – 8.9 km, duration: 20 minutes;

Village Second Balda – Jortsku Cave Natural Monument – 5.5 km, duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes (pedestrian marked trail). 


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