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Tbilisi National Park

Tbilisi National Park situated just 20 km away from Tbilisi city center, capital of Georgia offers you various activities during all seasons. In winter, it turns into a magic world, where the snowy Sabaduri Forest awaits you! The wood is well-known all over the world, since it was plotted in different media tools. 

In summer it is one the best place to escape from the heat, arrange picnic and just rest.Tbilisi National Park offers you camping areas as well, in order to enjoy week-end in beautiful nature. In autumn colors change in Sabaduri Forest and you have feeling as if you are watching the beautiful painting. While in spring the flowers and trees are blossomed and you are able to enjoy flourishing nature.

The following trails are arranged on the park area: 3 bicycle routes (simple, medium, difficult), one pedestrian and a horse-riding trail - Zedazeni – Didveli – Mamkoda, as well as 2 picnic, 2 camping areas and fire places. The hiking trail goes through Saguramo Ridge, where you can find a beautiful landscape views, diverse vegetation, and Zedazeni Church of VII-VIII centuries.

Tbilisi National Park awaits you! It is the destination where you are able to feel beautiful nature and enjoy various activities.

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1) National Park

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If you eager to spend time with friends and family members, then visit Tbilisi National Park.

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Nature Monuments

Bodorna Rock Column Natural Monument

Attraction: The natural monument is a rock column with a height of 15 m, developed as a neogene conglomerate or naturally cemented cobbles, located at 813 m above sea level. It is situated on the right bank of the Aragvi River, on the slopes of eastern exposure. The diameter of the base of the column is 4 m and it gradually narrows towards the top. A cave with two niches is carved at the bottom of the column. Many man-made caves are scattered around the nearby slopes. These caves perhaps have had religious importance or they have been used as shelters. In 150-200 m from Bodorna Rock Column is situated St. Mary Church, which was built in 17th century. The locals call it “Tsotsola Rock”.

How to get here: The nearest populated area is village Bodorna of Dusheti Municipality, which is 35 km away from Tbilisi. The road is paved and the time required is 40 minutes;
Village bodorna - Bodorna Rock Column Natural Monument - 3 km gravel road, 15 minutes.

Coordinates: N42 02.857 E44 44.406

Contact Information:
Tel: +995 577640474

Around Park Objects

Khirsa Monastic Complex

Khirsa Monastic Complex (VIII), where the burial place of Stephen of Khirsa (one of the Assyrian Fathers) is located. The monastery is located 25 km to the north of Dedoplistskaro Municipality centre, in the southern part of Alazani Valley, on a hiltop. Travel from municipality centre to the church takes 30 minutes. 

Zedazeni Monastery

Zedazeni Monasteryis a VII - VIII centuries monastery, which is located in Mtskheta Municipality on Saguramo Ridge, in 7 km from village Saguramo and at an altitude of 1,250 m above sea level.

Mamkoda St. George Monastery

Mamkoda St. George Monastery IV century monument is located in Mtskheta Municipality, on the southern slopes of Mamkoda mountain, 6 km away from village Gldani, at an altitude of 950 m above sea level.

Ghvtaeba Monastery

Ghvtaeba MonasteryV century monument, which is located in village Norio of Gardabani Municipality. In order to get to Ghvtaeba you have to drive or walk from Norio. The distance from Norio is 5 km. It is located at an altitude of 1,170 above sea level.

Jvari Monastery

The VI century Georgian Orthodox monastery is built on a hill opposite Mtskheta, at the confluence of Aragvi and Mtkvari rivers. Shortly after the adoption of Christianity, King Mirian III erected an enormous wooden cross on this site. In the 2nd half of the VI century Guaram, the ruler of Kartli, built a small church beside the Holy Cross. The church is included on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. 


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