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The diverse flora of Tbilisi National Park is represented by 675 species of grass and woody plants.

In forest cover of the National Park mostly are found – ecosystems of Georgian Oak, beech, hornbeam, ordinary ash, Oriental hornbeam and crab-apple trees.

In the underforest there are: hawthorn, cornel, medlar, spindle, smoketree and other konds of bushes.

In the territeoty of Tbilisi National Park different types grass cover is created by different species of shrill. Together with shrill there can be found: Forest ruscus, hupericum, reed grass, origanum and other plants. From grass plants there is a large number of herbs. 

There are artificially grown pine trees and yew tree in the Park. Forests in Tbilisi National Park are characterized by vertical zoning.

Species from the “Red List” of Georgia

From rare and endangered species in Tbilisi National Park are spread: boxwood (Buxuscolchica), yew (Taxusbaccata), a bare elm (Ulmusglabra), a small elm (Ulmusglabra), walnut (Juglansregia), Pontus oak  (Quercuspontica) and others.

Endemic and relict species

Tbilisi National Park Dendroflora is also  interesting in widespread Tertiaty Colchis flora representatives: Colchis holly, Colchis and Pastukhov ivy, Eastern Viburnum, ruscus , yew, the Caucasian rhododendron, cherry laurel and more.



Mammals spread in Tbilisi National Park are: fox, wolf, roe, hare, marten and weasel. From large predators there is a small number of lynx and brown bear. PrevouslySaguramoRsereve was famous for Red deer population.

In Tbilisi National Park you can meet different representatives of fauna: jay, blackbird and several species of woodpeckers. From birds of prey falcon species is common.

There are 12 species of reptiles in the park territory. The most common is Legless Lizard. There also are: grass snake, Caspian whip snake, smooth snake.

Species from the ‘Red list” of Georgia

Rare and endangered species of animals in the National Park are: red deer, brown bear, lynx.

From birds the representatives of the “Red List” are: Imperial eagle, spotted eagle and Levant sparrowhawk.

Endemic species

There are 46 endemic species of mammals in Tbilisi National Park. Among them: the ordinary squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris), field mouse (Mus macedonicus), the black rat (Rattus rattus), East European hedgehog (Erinaceus concolor), Caucasian mole ( Talpa caucasica) and others. 

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