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According to ancient local traditions, pigs are taboo for local people and for this reason, food made from pork is forbidden in Tusheti. Local people consider it disrespectful for visitors to bring pork to Tusheti.


According to local traditions, women are forbidden from entering local sacred shrines and sanctuaries.


Tusheti is a remote region, and as such there are no amenities such as petrol stations, pharmacies, beauty salons, banks, ATMs or currency exchanges booths.


2 Day
38 Km
Route: This route starts from the Visitors’ Center in Omalo, passing through the village before heading up the Pirikita-Gometsari watershed ridge to Ghele, from which there is a beautiful view of the Caucasus Mountains. From Ghele, the trail passes along the nor
Highlights: Omalo,Dartlo,historical and architectural monuments
summer autumn
Trip level: Medium


Visitors Centre – Zemo Omalo – historical district of Omalo (Keselo) and ethnographical museum – Que – Ghele – Dartlo.

The trail starts from the visitor centre, passes through Village Omalo and descends onto Kue, on the crossroad field of Pirikita, Gometsari and Chaghma communities. From here via horse riding trail of Tsitelta pine grove slope it goes up to Gometsari watershed overpass – to Sakrilobo (gathering) stream, at the base of which there is a field where Tushetians from above mentioned four communities have always held their gatherings. 

From this field, the trail runs along northern slope of the watershed toward the overpass in the direction of Village Dartlo. Village Dartlo is one of the most remarkable places in Tusheti owing to its architecture and overall landscape.

Overnight stay possible at guesthouses in Village Dartlo. It is possible to set up tents near the village.

18 Km


Dartlo – Dano village– Kvavlo village – Dartlo village – Ghele – Que – Butse viewpoint – Visitors’ Center

An automobile road goes from Village Dartlo up to Village Dano, from where it leades to Village Kvavlo. The tower with a pyramid shaped roof overlooks the trail. The village is built on the rocky slopes of the mountain. Sections of it are connected with each other with paths built with stones and rock-cut pathways.

22 Km


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