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Pantishara - Datviskhevi

1 Day
120 Km
Route: The route begins from Dedoplistskaro and ends in the Pantishara valley
Highlights: Swallow City, Alesilebi, fossil flora and fauna
winter spring summer autumn
Trip level: Medium


The 120 km driving road is integrated with pedestrian

The route begins at Dedoplistskaro and goes to the south-east toward Vashlovani Ranger Station. Once you reach the station, you will instantly be able to see Vashlovani structural basin, different from monotone landscape of Shiraki valley. This basin is filled with relict trees - huge wild pistachio trees and evergreen junipers. Picnic area is arranged in this place, where it is possible to have food and enjoy the local scenery. 

The Datviskhevi walking trail starts in one of the parts of the Pantishara Valley. Southern elephant fossilized bones are the main sights of the route; among them the biggest is a shoulder bone - the length of which is around 87 cm. A special picnic area, a parking area, and restrooms are available at the junction of Datviskhevi and the Pantishara Valley.

From the ranger station the trail continues toward Pantishara gorge. The road to the gorge represents a verge of two different landscapes: on the right you will see Nagomrebi ridge with delicate contours, covered with xeropythic vegetation, and on your left, 50-70 meters below, you will sea Vashlovani Strict Nature Reserve, divided by steep slopes, covered with arid forests and netted with deep gorges. The road on top of the ridge gradually descends and goes down toward Pantishara narrow gorge. On both sides of the gorge fortress-like vertical cliffs are erected, on which swallows have built their nests and that is why this place is called the City of Swallows.  

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120 Km


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